Can you imagine yourself as a Roving Volunteer in Christ's Service?

Imagine! A retirement rich in travel and adventure, challenge and inspiration, purpose and satisfaction! You can find all this in a missionary service organization called RVICS (pronounced AR-VICS). Perhaps you have not been called to serve the Lord in Africa or minister to a primitive tribe in the South American jungle, but can you picture yourself as a Roving Volunteer in Christ's Service?

Where We Serve


Our teams serve within the regions of the US & Canada. We are a maintenance/service ministry & also focus on small construction projects. This map is a representation of projects & locations over the years. Click the button below to get a broader view.

The Village


In the life that is RVICS, there may come a time for "Retirement number two!" And so, in January 1989, a new dimension was added; The Village was established in Smithville, TX. The Village is "a place to call home" between projects.