RVICS Roving Volunteers In Christ Service

Thank you for your interest in the possibility of hosting a team of RVICS missionary members at your ministry. We urge you to read through the material provided on the "About Us" page of this website to gain more insight into the needs of a team and some of the requirements needed for the RVs our members live in when they are at a project location. It will also give you information as to the length of our projects and to the fact that we schedule according to the climate. During the months of January, February, and March we will schedule our teams in the southern states of Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California. As the temperatures warm our teams begin to move farther north. Also note that we schedule projects at least one year in advance. For example, if this was the beginning of January, 2020, we would already have the schedule for the year 2021 set in place. This does require a project location to plan ahead on scheduling an RVICS team at their location.

We also suggest that you view the information on the "Membership" button. You will see a "RVICS Plan for Retired Christians to Serve the Lord" an "Application for Membership" and a "Statement of Faith". Please note that all RVICS members are required to go through a background check as one of the qualifications of becoming an RVICS member. This must be done before one can be approved to serve at a project location.

If you have never had an RVICS team serve at your ministry we will ask you to complete some documents to become a qualified project location. As a part of that process we require a ministry to sign the same "Statement of Faith" that our missionary members sign. Your ministry must also be a government recognized non-profit organization, you must own the land on which your ministry is located, your ministry must be governed by a board of directors, and we request RV sites at no charge with water, sewer, and 50 amp electrical hookups. RVICS will not knowingly serve any ministry receiving government funding or connected with the World or National Council of Churches. We schedule our teams with a maximum of 6 couples per location. Feel free to contact us through this website, by email, or telephone if you are interested in more information and we will be glad to respond to your questions.

Be doers of the word and not just hearers. -James 1:22